Friday, October 30, 2009

Happenings at the Yeshiva

Beyond the learning, this week was one of great chevre-bonding, as our annual hike up Bear Mountain took place this Thursday. It was wonderful for the students, rebbeim, and teachers to spend time with each other, schmoozing and walking and enjoying each other's company. When we came down the mountain we had our traditional barbeque, with hotdogs and hamburgers (and a few vegetarian options), chips and soda. A healthy meal for us all! Some of the guys also brought homemade treats, including a delicious banana bread from Davidi Jonas and a cherry crumb pie from Bradley Hercman.

The day ended with Avi Rosenfeld leading a pre-mincha hachana. We stood in a circle as he shared a teaching from Rav Nachman that everyone has a good point, a nekudah tovah, in him or her and that when we recognize this in the other, it helps bring it out and actualize it. Thus, Rav Nachman teaches, it is the job of the shaliach tzibbur to identify that nekudah and connect to it in every member of the tzibbur during his tfillah. After Avi shared this teaching, we went around the circle with each person saying a nekudah tovah of another person (whose name had been previously given to him), and afterwards moved into tfillah. It was a touching exercise and a beautiful coda to a day of sharing and connecting.

One another note:
Our sympathies go out to David Fried on the loss of his grandmother. Her neshama should have an aliyah and the family should know nechama.

We also extend a mazel tov to Davidi and Natalie on the naming of their daughter, Osher Chen, in memory of Davidi's grandfather, Isser Jonas.

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