Friday, December 11, 2009

Happenings at the Yeshiva

This week, we wrapped up our core learning for the semester. Third- and fourth-year students completed their learning of the basic cycle of niddah, from the onset of menstruation through the process of hefesek taharah (checking that the bleeding has stopped), bedikot and shiva nikkiyim (seven non-bleeding days with checks), and then chafifa (scrubbing), removing chatzitzot (obstructions), and the act of tvilah (immersion) itself, with the shiurim this week focusing on the act of the tvilah and its brakhot. First- and second-year students completed learning the respective Gemarot - Ketubot and Baba Kama - and have taken their semester finals. All years will now move on to special classes - shiurim on Chanukah and classes on Gemara methodology for years 1 and 2, and Eitzah - our leadership training - and chazara (review) and finals for years 3 and 4.

Also this week, Rob Golder, a first-year student, spoke in memory of his grandmother, whose yahrtzeit it was this last week. Her neshama should have an aliyah.

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