Friday, January 14, 2011

Happenings at the Yeshiva

Our Spring zman started this week, with the Yoreh Deah students beginning to learn Basar BiChalav, and focusing this week on the definitions of cooking and the relationship between the prohibitions of cooking, eating, and deriving benefit.  The Shabbat students turned to the topic of amirah li'goy, of asking a non-Jew to do melakha for you on Shabbat.

We also hosted a Meorot program for college students.  Although we only had a small group - 6 students - it was a huge success, with these students learning in our beit midrash, hearing shiurim from the rebbeim, and lectures from guest speakers.   We believe that this will continue to be a successful program in years to come and a wonderful way of inspiring young people to enter the rabbinate and fields of Jewish leadership. 

Finally, late Thursday afternoon, a group of HUC rabbinical students visited the yeshiva, together with Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman and Rabbi Kim Geringer.   Our students met with the group for a stimulating discussion around what they share and how they differ as rabbinical students and as future rabbis.   Every remarked on what a powerful event it was, and many students stayed an hour after the end of the day to continue the conversations.

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