Friday, February 4, 2011

Happenings at the Yeshiva

Students continue to learn Basar Bi'chalav, finishing up some of the rabbinic extensions - the waiting period between milk and meat, and the prohibition of kosher bread - and turning to an important, although tangential topic of ma'amid, ingredients, such as gelatin, that are only a small proportion of a mixture but which give the product shape and form.  In Shabbat learning, students have finished the topic of amira li'nakhri¸ asking a non-Jew to do a Shabbos violation, and have been working at answering real-world questions related to this topic.
Rabbi Manny Vinas, a noted sofer, has been with us for the last two Mondays teaching 3rd and 4th year students special sessions on "Emergency Safrut."  He has really connected with the students, and is providing them with crucial training and skills.  We look forward to having him come again this coming Monday, and hope that he will be a regular part of our curriculum.   On Thursday, R. Danny Geretz began a mini-series on nusach ha-Tefillah.  Also on Thursday, we continued our Visiting Scholars series and were thrilled to welcome Dr. Reuven Kimelman from Brandeis University, who specializes in Liturgy and Talmud.  Dr. Kimelman taught the first installment in a three-part series on the Shema and its blessings.  We eagerly await his return next Thursday.

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