Friday, September 21, 2012

Happenings at the Yeshiva

Our learning resumed the day after Rosh HaShana, on Wednesday, Tzom Gedaliah.   Students continued their learning ofmesekhet Rosh HaShanah this week, going more deeply into the topic of malkhiot, zikhronot, and shofarot and their relationship to the tekiot.  On Thursday, students heard a sicha before mincha from Rabbi Katz, addressing the vicissitudes that we encounter in our relationship with God, and what it means to have a deep and ongoing relationship.   After mincha,  Nate Weisel, a first year student, spoke briefly about the text of Kol Nidrei, and what it means to already be looking towards next year's Yom Kippur on this year's Yom Kippur.

To cap off the zman and enter Yom Kippur with intense learning, the yeshiva will be having a special Night Seder and Leil Iyyun for our students and also open to the community, this Monday, September 24.  At 6:30 PM, Rabbi Weiss will be delivering his Shabbat Shuva drasha.  Then, at 8:00 PM, Rabbi Helfgot will be giving a shiur on "Preparing for Holiness: the Kohen Gadol and the Yom Kippur service".  Then, at 9:15, Rabbi Mishael Zion (YCT 2011) will be giving a talk on "Repentance in Judaism, Christianity and Islam".  

This evening of learning is also a foretaste of a special Monday Night Community Lecture Series that the yeshiva will be beginning after Sukkot.  Starting on Monday, Oct 22, from 8:00-9:00 PM I will be giving a four-part series on "Jews and Non-Jews in Halakha".   Then, beginning on Nov 19, Rabbi Nati Helfgot will begin a four-part series entitled "From the Rav's Desk - The Published & Unpublished Letters of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik z"l".   Please keep an eye out for future announcements about this exciting new series.

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