Friday, December 21, 2012

Happenings at the Yeshiva

This week was our last week of the Fall Zman.  There were no afternoon classes or morning shiurim, as students spent the entire week devoted to chazara and taking their final tests of the zman, either in Hilkhot Shabbat or Hilkhot Ta'arovot.

In addition to review and test-taking, it was a week spent in reflection, feedback and assessment. Each student was asked to write a self-reflection on his growth and development in his learning, avodat Hashem, and as a future rabbi.  During this week, morning rebbeim met individually with each student in his class, and spoke to him about what he had written, and how the rebbe saw how he had been progressing.  I also met with each student in the entire yeshiva individually to talk about these issues, and it was a powerful way to connect with the students at the end of the zman.

On Thursday, students filled out an extensive feedback form on their individual shiurim and classes, and on larger curricular issues.  The yeshiva sponsored a lovely lunch of Thursday, were the entire yeshiva - students, rebbeim, staff and administration - share some nice bonding time together and hear beautiful divrei Torah from students and rebbeim to close the zman.

We look forward to resuming with our special January zman in a week-and-a-half.  It has been a tremendous zman of learning, shteiging and growing together.

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