Friday, May 31, 2013

Happenings at the Yeshiva

This week was the last week of classes, prior to our final week of the zman, next week, which will be devoted to chazara and finals. Third- and fourth-year students, who have been studying kashrut, wrapped up with the very practical topic of bishul nakhri, and also spent much of the week hearing from and speaking to experienced rabbis with expertise in practical kashrut, both communally and in the world ofhashgachot. First- and second-year students concluded their learning of Shabbat in Tanakh and also their exploration of the way in which Chazal understood the nature and spirit of Shabbat, as emerges from various halakhot and Talmudic passages. Next week they will be completing a semester-end assignment on this topic, as well as hearing practical shiurim on making and inspecting an eiruv.

A big Mazal Tov to Rabbi Ben Vago (YCT 2011) on his engagement to Mimi Lieberman! We look forward to dancing at the wedding!

And, as you know, next Sunday is our semikha ceremony. Please wish us a big mazal tov as we celebrate our tenth year of placing YCT rabbis in the field! It could not have been possible without your ongoing support!

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