Friday, March 7, 2014

Message from the Rosh HaYeshiva

I hope you all are well and are looking forward to Purim and all its attendant hubbub and festivities. Here at YCT we have been building up the Purim spirit for the last 2 weeks, by having a different student do a 5 minute Purim skit each day. On a more serious note, we are fortunate today to have Dr. Shraga Bar-On, the Gruss Scholar in Residence for the Tikvah Center, delivering a lecture on Purim and the Scrolls of Esther. Dr. Bar-On's doctoral dissertation (soon to be a book) is on the role of goral, lots, in Judaism from Biblical to modern times, and it will be interesting to hear his reflections of the role of lots in the Purim story.

A very large number of our musmakhim will be coming to our special Alumni Shabbaton the Shabbat of March 21-23 leading up to the Dinner on Sunday evening. It will be a wonderful opportunity for them to reconnect with those they may have lost contact with over the years, and for the rebbeim and the musmakhim toall spend some special, intimate time together, learning together, eating together and just being together.

Reservations have been flooding in for the YCT Dinner, two weeks from this Sunday, with hundreds of more people attending than in past years. It will truly be an enormous event.  We hope to see you all there.

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