Friday, April 11, 2014

Message from the Rosh HaYeshiva

I hope you all are well and I am sure that you are well into the craziness of preparing for Pesach.  Here at YCT, we spent the week working to prepare for it in the spiritual sense as well as in the physical sense. The week was spent learning the first few daf of Pesachim on the topic of biyur and bitul, and hearing special shiurim - on the mitzvah of matzah, on the halakhot of Pesach, and on aggadata from mesekhet Pesachim.  The last afternoon seder of the week, on Wednesday, ended with a special dinner of students and rebbeim (pizza! - one last chametz blast).  Students went around the table, each one sharing an insight or thought on the haggadah and leyl haseder. It was a wonderful experience of sharing with one another and learning from one another and a beautiful way to close out the zman.

The zman actually did not end there, as there was a special Leyl Iyyun on Korban Pesach that night. Students and guests heard 3 shiurim on Korban Pesach - Korban Pesach in Tanakh, by Rabbi Nati Helfgot; Korban Pesach in the Aftermath of the Destruction of the Temple, by Rabbi Evan Hoffman (special guest speaker); and Korban Pesach Nowadays, by myself. The shiurim were all recorded and you can watch them here: The source sheets, together with the full audio of my shiur (unfortunately the video cuts out halfway), can be found on the Livestream site under "Event Details".  

And... stay tuned for a description of our intense week on "Medical Ethics - Beginning of Life" - in a future YCT newsletter.

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